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Anhui Chizhou: east county 500 acres of planted diffusa, Seedling Circumstance now slightly worse than final 12 months. The new product 9 per month, is presently producing fewer products last year, estimated at 30 tons, the cost 9 yuan (kg value, the very same beneath) or so. Final yr, 600 acres of the land for planting diffusa about 120 tons of complete production is about. (Lu Zhenkun)

Xuzhou: Arctium root manufacturing has become a nearby scale, is Arctium root pieces in accordance with quality equivalent to two to 10 bucks, a two to 5 yuan. This merchandise utilised as foods and extracting a lot more latest many years, exports have been fairly smooth. Tinglizi new goods, despite the fact that prices go this year, but manufacturing has not elevated charges are now producing three.2 to 3.6. Although the local is also wealthy in Stevia, Ginkgo biloba, cicada slough, leeches and other varieties. (Ding Yunrong)

Guangxi Fangcheng: star anise, cinnamon walk all the recent bad. The recent development of the local anise very good head and a huge common than in previous years, is anticipated to yield not less than last year. Spring Stage is creating much more goods, cost of seven.five ~ 7.6 yuan autumn fruit significantly less stock, cost 9 yuan. Cinnamon walk weak in via 5.7 to 5.eight yuan, the late prospective. (Liao Guangming)

Hunan Yuanjiang: Yuanjiang spot on Might 10 ~ 26, a half months without having rain, combined with final 12 months suffered snow disasters, and trifoliate orange tree tree malnutrition, 26 to 28 Sunset serious consequences, the end is complete of trees fall down the modest fruit (a green no choose). Might 28 subsolar rain, cease off fruit of Citrus aurantium picked up so far in one.5 centimeters, but not numerous dry products, the cost is not accurate. Only one man or woman quit the acquisition of a number of hundred lbs of Citrus aurantium, the price of 6 yuan. Citrus and Citrus aurantium minimize this 12 months, has become a actuality. Even so, the amount of specific cuts, have to look following the weather conditions, proceed to be observed. (Liu Ling)

Henan does Mountain: Mountain is certainly the major producing areas of cultivated Scutellaria barbata a single output ranks first in the country a handful of many years ago, in recent many years has been relegated to the second. Barbata has now produced a new, price drop from the four.5 per early as four to 4.2 yuan, dryness all around the Jiucheng. The new goods this 12 months than final year’s, last year’s yield of more than a hundred tons. Nearby cultivation routines have changed, right after the plow crop obtained also far away, If the cost yet again up coming 12 months, simply because it is banzhilian extended soon after the 1st crop of the 2nd crop of grass higher value in time, not worth. (Liu Cheng Li principal regular)

Shanxi Xiangfen: habitat has been reduced this 12 months, the regional developing location, but there are nonetheless regional Chenhuo the stock value is now 345 and other new techniques six yuan, Chen program cost six.5. Northeast Pharmaceuticals Acquire Salvia recent large cargo, origin to go off smoothly, a considerable decline in the stock, commodity cost is 8.5 yuan system this year, locally grown larger, now increasing normally. (Hogan lock)

Ningxia Zhongning: Ningxia wolfberry stock has fallen drastically, the prices of goods are normally steady at 36 per technique, it is estimated there are a lot more than a month can produce new. In latest years, due to large charges, farmers focus on management, whilst standard weather this year, Chinese wolfberry performing well. Stimulated by high costs, go sell hot spring medlar seedlings, the price tag rose to 3 yuan more than an estimated manufacturing this autumn will have a little volume of new, three years into the fruiting season. (Du Jianxiang)

Gansu Aikawa: Angelica sub episode about ten tons of cargo listing the fundamental all transactions, the industry trading at around 18 per youngster, the little one film festival about 20 yuan, total return of 17 to 23 pieces per month, essentially all kinds of transactions, enterprise purchases far more.

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